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Jane Austen visits you from the autumn of 1815. Her first three novels, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park are published, and Emma is complete.  Jane visits with you at this, the most vibrant and hopeful time of her life.  Drawing from her letters, juvenilia, and novels, this 45 minute performance delves into the personal life of one of the most beloved and intriguing novelists of the 19th century.  Jane Austen speaks about her childhood in Steventon, her brothers and beloved sister Cassandra and her writing. Learn about her exotic cousin Eliza, her mentor and friend Madame LeFroy and the loves and losses that shaped her life and informed her perception of the world.  Suitable for both the casual reader of her novels and the most devoted "Janeite".  By the end of the presentation, the audience will know more about Miss Jane Austen the woman, as well as the author. The presentation is followed by a Question & Answer period and can be tailored to fit your time constraints.

              Todd Lincoln
Mrs. Lincoln's Salon takes place in her Blue Room on April 4th, 1865.  Mr. Lincoln and their youngest son Tad are at City Point, Robert, their eldest, is with General Grant in pursuit of Robert E Lee and Mary is alone in the Executive Mansion.  The audience is invited to reminisce with Mrs. Lincoln about her childhood, her days in Springfield and her children as she celebrates Tad's 12th birthday, and the end of the Civil War. Drawing from her own letters to friends, family and political figures of the era, Mrs. Lincoln's Salon paints a picture of Mary Lincoln that is both sympathetic and truthful.
Mrs. Lincoln's Salon is a 45 minute presentation with a question and answer period afterward, that can last up to an additional 30 minutes. Mrs. Lincoln's Salon is suitable for Schools, Libraries, Museums and Teas.

Louisa May Alcott
Poet and author, abolitionist and nurse, patriot and suffragist; Louisa May Alcott was so much more than the author of Little Women.  In this 45 minute performance, the audience meets with this prolific American author at the height of her health and success.  We learn of the hopes, the heartbreaks and the experiences of Louisa May Alcott's life from which she drew inspiration for her novels, short stories and poems.  This theatrical presentation, written using excerpts from her letters and journals, allows Louisa May Alcott to speak to us in her own words; of her childhood, her experiences as a Civil War nurse, her struggles to support her family and the equal rights of all. 

Dolley Madison 
Born into a Quaker family in North Carolina, Dolley Madison became the wife of James Madison, our fourth President. Dolley was a trailblazer; the first "First Lady" of the land, first wife of a President to have a ship named in her honor, and to be pictured on the cover of a magazine, first to decorate the White house, and later in life, first to send a personal message by telegraph.  Join Lady Madison in the spring of 1817 as she prepares to leave Washington City and reminisces about her youth in Philadelphia, and her husband James' rise to the Presidency.  Mrs. Madison will charm you with her hospitality, her experiences and, of course, the burning of the White House and her role in saving the portrait of George Washington. This 45 minute presentation is followed by question and answer session.
Habit and Hope: Dolley
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
***New Program***
Three years after their elopement and marriage, Elizabeth and Robert Browning welcomed the birth of their son Pen, and mourned the death of Robert’s mother. Struggling to raise her beloved husband’s spirits and prove to him that love does not die, Elizabeth considers revealing to Robert the sonnets she wrote during their 18 month long romance of letters.  Elizabeth shares those letters with you, the story of their courtship and the sonnets they inspired.  
Elizabeth Barrett Browning: The
              Story of the Sonnetts
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